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One Bag

One Bag


The One Bag is the ultimate in flexible comfort, no matter the conditions. Whether you're a beginner looking for options or a hardened camper who'll be in a range of climates, this 800 fill ProDown sleeping bag is exactly what you need.
Top layer features 40-degree-rated Heatseeker Eco Advanced synthetic insulation for versatile use in warmer weather
Mid layer features 20-degree-rated 800 fill ProDown for high-level performance in adverse conditions
The two layers can be paired to get a 5-degree bag
Down layer can be used as a stand-alone quilt for campsite lounging
Large, fitted hood accommodates pillows and arms-over-the-head sleepers
Anti-compression layer on back is composed of Heatseeker Eco Advanced synthetic insulation
Vaulted footbox

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