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Our Vision

We want to help all of our friends have fun and be comfortable in the outdoors.

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Our Team

Meghan Archer

Store Manager
I have been part of the team at Great Outdoor Store for 13 years. My sunny disposition makes me an expert at customer service and teamwork. In my spare time you’ll find me walking my dog Juniper and starting 6 backyard projects at once.

Neil Jones

Inventory Manager
I’ve been a part of the GOS Family for 4 years and have been in the outdoor industry for almost 20 years. Having a master’s degree in Recreation Administration, specifically in outdoor recreational pursuits, has given me the opportunity and knowledge to help plan for most adventures, especially here in the Midwest. I guess you can say I’m a jack of all trades, master of none.

Emily Larson

Marketing Manager
I've been with GOS for 6 years and am interested in any hobby that gets me outside. I'm an expert on hiking, camping, looking good and eating. I am the store plant mom.

Israel Parsons

Assistant Manager
I've been with GOS for four amazing years. I make the videos, handle repairs, and grow amazing mustaches. You will find me on my bike, climbing at the local crags, or exploring the mountains.

Skylar DeJong

Assistant Manager
I've been at GOS 3 years and am the store hype man, staff moral booster and aspiring-backup-instagram model. My expertise is hiking, running, camping and backpacking. When I was 12 I was the Iowa State Fair mechanical bull riding record holder. I cracked my skull open while achieving this feat, which tells you the distance I will go to in the pursuit of having fun.

Anna Gette

Senior Sales Staff
I've been with GOS for 3 years. My joy and expertise is helping other with their camping and hiking travel needs. I spend much of my time outside doing videography and photography. I am also the GOS dog whisperer.

Delton Pease

I have been at GOS for a year and my area of expertise is climbing and camping gear. You can find me creating store playlists. I’ve broken enough bones that I've lost count, which makes me a cautious climbing partner.

Cristina Kauffman

Part-Time Sales
Along with Meghan, I've spent over a decade of my life as a member of the GOS family. The amazing people I work with, customers included, make it hard to leave. When I'm not working on the weekends, I'm busy with my two boys, Bodhi and Nash. I love anything on or near the water. I'm an expert on coats because I've accumulated so many over the years! Also, I'm the store mom with makes sure everyone has snacks.