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3L Quickdraw

3L Quickdraw

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The multi-compatible QuickDraw 3L Gravity Filter System is the most versatile ultralight gravity filter on the market. Able to convert from a gravity system to a squeeze setup when you want it, it can do it all with your preferred bottles and reservoirs. At the core of the system is the iconic fast-flowing hollow fiber QuickDraw Filter. The 3L dirty reservoir's hang handle makes for quick-and-easy hang-ups and is sized for comfortable carrying when it's full. The handle easily detaches to make compressing and rolling the reservoir down hassle-free when you opt for squeeze filtering. The QuickDraw filter can attach to many different bottles and reservoirs with its I/O (inner/outer) threads on the dirty side and the ConnectCap on the clean side. For added versatility, the system's hose is fitted with a quick connector that attaches to any hydration reservoir with a quick disconnect, as well as clicking into the QuickDraw's Bottle Adapter. The Bottle Adapter is multi-compatible and vented, meaning common hard-sided wide-mouth bottles and narrow-mouth bottles are all game to hold your freshly filtered water. The system is built to be safe, effortless, and long-lasting. Two cleaning methods - shake-to-clean and backflushing - keep the filter flowing fast throughout your trip, while the Integrity Check process allows you to ensure it's still safely filtering water. If there ever was one, the QuickDraw 3L Gravity Filter System is the one backcountry water filter that does it all.

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